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Adopt Blue Suit 100Ml

Personal Care - Personal Hygiene
KSh 3,750

Description: Experience the allure of the new Blue Suit Eau de Parfum, adorning oneself in a sleek ensemble that exudes an unmatched masculine essence. This fragrance captivates with a slender and compelling aroma, blending elements of apple and grapefruit in an elegant accord. Blue Suit initially unveils a spicy, enticing freshness akin to that of a charming gentleman, followed by a heart enriched with violet leaves that emanate a vibrant and charismatic allure. Ingredients: TOP NOTES: lemon, ginger MIDDLE NOTES: cardamom BASE NOTES: vetiver, tonka bean, amber wood Benefits: The Adopt Blue Suit fragrance, an Eau de Parfum, offers a prolonged duration of scent when worn, making it last longer on the skin. Delivery within 4 hours.

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